Heat in Corfu

Heat in Corfu

Heat in Corfu

Revisiting memories of our stay in Corfu. Barely a year ago, the world looked and felt quite different.

Hopping across the Canary Islands

A two weeks break to the beautiful and diverse Canaries - from lush green forests to wind battered desert scapes and, of course, some quality beach time.

An arctic getaway in Tromsø

A quick and short gateway to Tromsø, the Norwegian entrance to the arctic. A bit of cold, a tad of bad luck, a lot of money, an enchanting experience.

Santorini - An Atlantean Tale

Amidst the white cobble and the blue roofs an unexpected sighting opens up a question: What could Santorini and the lost Atlantis have in common?

Vienna Hiking - Schneeberg

Schneeberg - at 2076 meters this is the highest peak in lower Austria. We did the classic tour from Losenheim to the summit over Fadensteig.

Exploring Cinque Terre

Exploring one of the most famous, and probably most photographed Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Easter craziness in Florence

The sinister quote from Dante's Inferno might begin to resonate with you should you find yourself visiting Florence unprepared during Easter.

Girls weekend in Stockholm

Finally the girls’ weekend was here. I could not wait to hop on the airplane and head off to Sweden to meet Jayne and Georgina.

Traunsee - Mountain blues and greens

The lakes you see have this distinctive green tinge that changes when the sun hits. To stop by one of them automatically calms your mind, body and soul.

Treats, Sweats and Eats in Budapest

This is one amazing city to visit with its vibrant outlook and positive attitude. Where can you go wrong?

Climbing a la Viennese

Although the city itself is flat as a pancake there is plenty of alpine adventure to be found around the Austrian capital.

Umbrellas in Agueda

Bright, Vibrant, Rich Parasols, Umbrellas and Brollys! Welcome to the umbrella festival in the little city of Agueda.

Honey I'm off to Zillertal...

"We are stopping over in Austria for one reason, and one reason only. Climbings crags. In the Alps. Now". Well, so be it then.

Lisbon - Fado in the sun

Get caught up in the enchantment and flow of this one of a kind city. A place that will leave a melody in your ears and a drumming in your heart.

The Algarves

Off to the golden beaches and turquoise waters of the southern tip of Portugal! The Algarves are a kickass journey you must make!

The Prague Getaway

We went to Prague for a weekend getaway. The great city on the Vlatava sure left a strong and lasting impression.

Skiing in Zillertal

We went deep into the Austrian Alps for some skiing and although being a bit terrifying, this whole skiing thing ended up being really fun! Who knew??

Treading on limestone

Peilstein only reaches a height of 716 meters and as such it might not be the most impressive rock formation. But first looks can be deceiving.

First Snow

Snow! Snow! Snow! This is my first adult experience of snow and I could not believe it. This might not be too bad after all.

A Viennese Christmas

A little bit of reflection on the past year while enjoying the treats and venues of the traditional Viennese Christmas.

Vienna hiking - Moenichskirchen

While sitting out the winter we decided to boost morale with a little series called "Remember the time...?". In the first episode: "Remember the time we went to Mönichskirchen?"

Winter's coming

How to cope with the bleak onset of winter, especially when things in general don't seem to be running smoothly? Sometimes dire times require drastic actions.

Spraying the walls

"And even if you don't come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while they're having a piss."

Gaudi's vision

Barcelona is a city full of culture, fun and Gaudi. If you don’t know anything about Gaudi – the one thing you need to know that he is architecture.

Centuries in the making - La Sagrada Familia

This basilicat will make an impression on you the moment you walk out of the underground station and see this massive feat of architectural brilliance.

Barcelona's Gothic Quarters

My advice is to visit the quarters completely unprepared and without a map. Feeling lost in this medieval backdrop is quite a sensation.

A day at Park Guell

Situated on the Carmelo hill overlooking the city, Park Güell is an environmental, cultural and architectural refuge.

La Boqueria - Food Fiesta in Barcelona

Food, oh glorious Food. Never in my life have I seen such great food in a market. It was time to eat, and eat I was going to do!

Come rain, come shine

If you have been planing your visit to a certain place or country for a long time, the anticipation of rain can be demoralizing. All a matter of perspective.

Medieval Spain in Besalu

It is not hard to come across medieval sites and buildings all throughout Catalunya, but only few of those can compete with Besalu.

Begur village - Costa Brava's hidden treasure

Hidden in the backcountry of Catalunya and tucked away from the main tourist hubs of the Costa Brava, lies the old township of Begur.

Dive down into the House of the Sea

A WW2 flak tower is usually not what you would associate with an aquarium and rock climbing. Well, at least if you haven't been to Vienna.

Beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park

Looking at the blue green clear waters while walking the boardwalks through the park creates the feeling that you are floating on air.

Back to the island of Korcula

We decided to spend a day in this old medieval town at the Dalmation coast. For some of us a first, for others not quite.

Makarska - The horseshoe shaped Bay

Crystal clear waters, hot days and nights and Peter Andre look-alikes. Welcome to Makarska.

Bosnia - of Dragons and Pyramids

The first stop on our little tour of the Balkans. Anything goes here, even pyramids in the middle of Europe... The food is good though!

A sunny afternoon at the Vienna Prater

B's Birthday was the main reason for the visit to The Prater which is Vienna’s only theme park ... well maybe it wasn’t the only reason.

Schönbrunn - Eine ideale Heimat für Nikki

My first cultural introduction to Vienna was Schönbrunn Castle and I wish I lived there ... Daddy I want a castle!