Treading on limestone

Peilstein - this limestone mountain situated the middle of the Vienna Woods lies a short drive away to the South West of Austria's capital.

Although very popular with weekend hikers, Peilstein only reaches a height of 716 meters and as such it might not be the most impressive rock formation.

But its close proximity to the city and its steep and exposed West face make it very interesting for a different and a bit more thrilling activity: rock climbing.

Outlook from the top of Peilstein
Nikki in the woods
bojan in a spiderweb
Peilstein woods
Peilstein woods
autumn floor
Climbing on Peilstein

Well, at least if the weather is right, and considering it's the middle of winter we decided not to take our rope and climbing shoes on our recent trip to the area.

Most of all I wanted to show Nikki what the rock looks like as we're planing to do quite a few rock climbing trips there comes spring.

The climbing here is relatively easy and safe, as the rock is very sharp and solid - best quality limestone. There is also a high degree of maintenance regarding the routes and bolts which makes it the perfect place to get a first taste of outdoor rock climbing experience.

Not that Nikki didn't exprience outdoor rock climbing before. Her first trip was to a crag in New Zealand, and compared to Peilstein, the climbing in NZ could be described as a bit dodgy to say the least. So this one should be a walk in the park, eh Nics?

Nikki climbing
limestone rocks
Nikki on top of peilstein
bojan on top of peilstein
Nikki enjoying the view
Sunset in the mountains
Bojan climbing in Peilstein
Peilstein limestone formations
Bojan and Nikki watching sunset at peilstein

Anyway, even if you're not a rock climber, Peilstein has a lot to offer.

The walks through the woods and of the top of the ridge can be breathtaking, especially if you can catch the early morning or late evening sun.

The going is easy and there are quite a few huts around, offering good, traditional Austrian food. And who knows, when you look down that limestone face you might even feel inclined to buy a rope and some rubber shoes...