Island time on the Seychelles

Island time on the Seychelles

Island time on the Seychelles

Book a holiday – Yes! Island Paradise – Yes! Expensive – well, possibly... Worth it – Yes! Was there anything that would make us say no to this island adventure?

Balloon Ride over the Masai Mara

Time for luxury - champagne breakfasts in the National Park, hot air balloon rides and safari tents!

Naivasha - Going through the gates of Hell

A day of mountainbiking through the Hell's Gate National Park in Naivasha.

Riding the Nile in Jinja

It's scary, and brutal and you will probably feel close to drowning. But apart from that it's great fun!

The Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi

Nothing can prepare you for the silver back. His mass and sheer size seems to be palpable in the air.

Pygmy's and their inhibitors

Our visit to a pygmy village in Uganda took a very unexpected turn. It was fascinating and shocking, but mostly sad.

Only the strong in the Serengeti

Even off season this iconic African national park will not disapoint. Just be prepared to go "dirty".

The lost world of Ngorongoro

Ngorongoro is a magical place and is in season all year. And there's a bonus - The Maasai

A bit under par on Zanzibar

The scenery on the African dream island is just as fantastic as you would imagine. Other things not so much.

Malawi Gold

The lake, sceneries and artiseries were more than stunning, but this is not what made this country stand out so much.

A Zebra in Zambia

"Nics, be quiet, there’s something big in front of our tent, I think it might be an elephant"

Falling down the Victoria Falls

Although not the authentic African experience, Vic Falls has a lot to offer. We decided to pat some cats and jump down some cliffs.

Botswana – Land of the giants

Potholes, cows, elephants, gay bars and a good time. Welcome to Botswana.

Close encounters in Zimbabwe

"You might not realize it, but this is a completely wild elephant bull standing just a couple of meters away"

Addo Elephant National Park

Our two hours visit to the Addo national park was packed with animal sightings. We even caught some rare ones.

Claustrophobia in the Cango Caves

It was time get rid of some irrational fears in the South African limestone caves. Or not.

A day in the life of an ostrich

For those of you who are not too familiar with ostriches: an ostrich is the world largest bird. It is also flightless.

Surf vibes at J-Bay

"It's like the mafia. Once you're in - your in. There's no getting out". - Kelly Slater.

Cape Town - Gates to Africa

Some impressions from our stay in the iconic South African city. It is hard not to like Cape Town.