Heat in Corfu

Revisiting memories of our stay in Corfu. Barely a year ago, the world looked and felt quite different.

Santorini - An Atlantean Tale

Amidst the white cobble and the blue roofs an unexpected sighting opens up a question: What could Santorini and the lost Atlantis have in common?

Kathmandu - Nepal's frantic capital

Kathmandu is a strange geocultural alloy where the busyness of Asian cities meets the climate of the central Andes - sprinkled with the colors and customs of Hindu culture.

Vienna Hiking - Schneeberg

Schneeberg - at 2076 meters this is the highest peak in lower Austria. We did the classic tour from Losenheim to the summit over Fadensteig.

Hawaii Helicopter tours - The essential guide

Doing a helicopter flight over Hawaii's islands is a unique (and expensive) way of experiencing the tropical archipelago.

Looking for giants in Waimea

We ended up at the exact spot I was dreaming about more than a decade ago - the mythical North shore of Oahu.

Easter craziness in Florence

The sinister quote from Dante's Inferno might begin to resonate with you should you find yourself visiting Florence unprepared during Easter.

Auckland Skydive

We were sitting at the dining table some time after dinner, and I'm not quite sure how the discussion started, but the twist it took midway and the outcome of it all I definitely didn't see coming.

Takaka - Between rock and a hippie place

Finally back to NZ! First stop: Dirtbag days at Golden Bay. This time without Nikki, much to her relief probably.

Climbing a la Viennese

Although the city itself is flat as a pancake there is plenty of alpine adventure to be found around the Austrian capital.

Honey I'm off to Zillertal...

"We are stopping over in Austria for one reason, and one reason only. Climbings crags. In the Alps. Now". Well, so be it then.

The Prague Getaway

We went to Prague for a weekend getaway. The great city on the Vlatava sure left a strong and lasting impression.

Treading on limestone

Peilstein only reaches a height of 716 meters and as such it might not be the most impressive rock formation. But first looks can be deceiving.

Vienna hiking - Moenichskirchen

While sitting out the winter we decided to boost morale with a little series called "Remember the time...?". In the first episode: "Remember the time we went to M├Ânichskirchen?"

Winter's coming

How to cope with the bleak onset of winter, especially when things in general don't seem to be running smoothly? Sometimes dire times require drastic actions.

Barcelona's Gothic Quarters

My advice is to visit the quarters completely unprepared and without a map. Feeling lost in this medieval backdrop is quite a sensation.

A day at Park Guell

Situated on the Carmelo hill overlooking the city, Park G├╝ell is an environmental, cultural and architectural refuge.

Come rain, come shine

If you have been planing your visit to a certain place or country for a long time, the anticipation of rain can be demoralizing. All a matter of perspective.

Medieval Spain in Besalu

It is not hard to come across medieval sites and buildings all throughout Catalunya, but only few of those can compete with Besalu.

Begur village - Costa Brava's hidden treasure

Hidden in the backcountry of Catalunya and tucked away from the main tourist hubs of the Costa Brava, lies the old township of Begur.

Dive down into the House of the Sea

A WW2 flak tower is usually not what you would associate with an aquarium and rock climbing. Well, at least if you haven't been to Vienna.

Back to the island of Korcula

We decided to spend a day in this old medieval town at the Dalmation coast. For some of us a first, for others not quite.

Bosnia - of Dragons and Pyramids

The first stop on our little tour of the Balkans. Anything goes here, even pyramids in the middle of Europe... The food is good though!

Riding the Nile in Jinja

It's scary, and brutal and you will probably feel close to drowning. But apart from that it's great fun!

The Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi

Nothing can prepare you for the silver back. His mass and sheer size seems to be palpable in the air.

Pygmy's and their inhibitors

Our visit to a pygmy village in Uganda took a very unexpected turn. It was fascinating and shocking, but mostly sad.

Only the strong in the Serengeti

Even off season this iconic African national park will not disapoint. Just be prepared to go "dirty".

Malawi Gold

The lake, sceneries and artiseries were more than stunning, but this is not what made this country stand out so much.

Falling down the Victoria Falls

Although not the authentic African experience, Vic Falls has a lot to offer. We decided to pat some cats and jump down some cliffs.

Close encounters in Zimbabwe

"You might not realize it, but this is a completely wild elephant bull standing just a couple of meters away"

Claustrophobia in the Cango Caves

It was time get rid of some irrational fears in the South African limestone caves. Or not.

A day in the life of an ostrich

For those of you who are not too familiar with ostriches: an ostrich is the world largest bird. It is also flightless.

Cape Town - Gates to Africa

Some impressions from our stay in the iconic South African city. It is hard not to like Cape Town.

A beach day in Adelaide

During our chaotic trip to Adelaide we decided to unwind by spending the day on the beach.

Auckland - City of volcanoes

Auckland - Usually referred to as the "City of Sails", only few know it is also the "City of Volcanoes". For us it was also home.

Rotorua - Thermal Wonderland

This highly active geothermal area that spans from Rotorua to Taupo will probably affect all of your senses.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Should you ever find yourself in the central area of New Zealand's North Island, Tongariro should be on the top of your list.

The coastlines of New Zealand

A small photo series about some of the amazing beaches and coastal lines we came across in New Zealand.

Almost Magical & Majestical Waikaremoana

Hiking lake Waikaremoana, one of the 5 New Zealand Great Walks. Almost as magical and majestical as described.

Weekend Escapism

Escaping the office on the weekends to pursue more adventurous activities.

Climbing Mount Kinabalu

Climbing Borneo's highest peak and the prospects of hypothermia on a tropical island.