A beach day in Adelaide

"Hey are we actually East or West of Melbourne?" - "Hmm, I thought we were south?"

Much to my shame I have to admit that I had no idea where we were. The last couple of weeks prior to our departure went by in a haze of chaos and confusion, leaving us no time to prepare. But to our defence, Adelaide was not why we started this journey, but rather the last pit stop on the way to our final destination: the African continent.

Nikki on the pier
Nikki at breakfast
Shop in Adelaide
Bojan on pier
Nikki at signpost
Bojan eating icecream

The reason for our visit here was marriage. Not ours, thankfully. Once you witness the full extent of stress involved in such an event you seriously ask yourself why anyone would agree to this ordeal voluntarily. It was Ashleigh's wedding, one of Nikki's good friends and Nikki was the maid of honour. But I won't be getting into that story too much as I'm glad that I just managed to get out of it, more or less unscathed.

Anyway, we found ourselves in Adelaide, a city we knew nothing about and we had the whole morning to kill before the madness of the wedding preparations would start. Feeling a bit lost, we did the one thing that would give us some sense of familiarity - we went to the beach.

Henley beach in Adelaide
Henley beach in Adelaide
Henley beach in Adelaide
Crowned pigeon
Nikki at pier
Nikki on the pier

The quality of the beaches you will find in this part of the world never stops to amaze me. It only takes you some 20 min from the city centre to find yourself on this seemingly endless strip of white sand, looking out at the southern ocean towards Antarctica.

And you have it all pretty much to yourself, except the odd pelican here and there. Yes, pelican. They seem to be a common sight around here. Our reaction though was everything but common when one of them landed right next to us.

There is a strange sense of joy you get from chasing a huge bird on an empty white sand beach.

Nikki under the pier
Henley beach in Adelaide
The Pelican and the Fisher
Nikki chasing the pelican
Bojan chasing the pelican
Pelican at the beach