Honey I'm off to Zillertal...

"Thanks honey, I'll be off to Zillertal now. Love you." Aaand gone

Unexpectedly, some of my buddies from NZ anounced that they were up for a trip to Europe, with a short stop over in Austria.

Usually this would mean sightseeing time - walk around the old imperial city, visit the castles, museums and sites (yay....). But not here - I knew what this was:

"We are stopping over in Austria for one reason, and one reason only. Climbings crags. In the Alps. That's all".

Well, so be it then. I could think of worse.

Dave an paul bouldering sundergrund
Sundergrund bouldering
Sundergrund bouldering
Paul and a goat

Unfortunately Nikks couldn't come. The reason has a name - Runi.

He is our new feline overlord, and sole and undisputed ruler of our little appartment. He is also a baby kitten that can't be left alone for more than a couple of hours. Someone had to make the sacrifice.

"Thanks honey, I'll be off to Zillertal now. Love you". Aaand gone.

I wanted to make this trip for ages. At two occasions I took some days off so me and Nikks could go there, but every time our planning was ruined (runi - ruined? haha) by bad weather.

But not this time. The forecast wasn't the best, but screw it, I was ready to climb in the rain if needed be.

The gamble paied off, it was a blast. A half day of rain during 4 days of climbing. It can't get much better.

Bojan bouldering in sundergrund
Paul in ginzling
Dave in sundergrund
Bojan climbing in Ewige Jagdgründe
Dave in Ewige Jagdgründe
Bojan at river crossing

Zillertal is a climbers paradise.

The valley is full with high quality climbing and bouldering crags, all very close to each other. Add to that the amazing scenery of the Austrian Alps and the fact that you can climb here all summer due to the higher altitude, and you will get every weekend warriors dream destination.

AND all of that without feminine supervision - crappy food, smelly shoes and questionable hygiene all the way! Good times.

Cool climber
Dave having a fall
Morning in zillertal
Stausee in zillertal
Stausee in zillertal
Bojan in ginzling
Dave and paul in sundergrund
Paul sitting in the rope
Paul and dave
Bojan milicevic in ginzling
Stausee in zillertal
Ginzling forest