Vienna hiking - Moenichskirchen

For the last couple of weeks I've been mostly sitting in front of the window, wearily gazing outside at the grey soup that we seem to have fallen in.

I can't really remember the last time we've seen blue skies. To make things worse there seems to be no snow on the horizon either, leaving us with the cold December rain and the foggy backdrop.

So in order to boost morale again I decided to do a couple of posts under the category "Remember the time...". Today's episode: "Remember the time we went to Mönichskirchen?".

mönichskirchen sign
mönichskirchen sign
nikki and bojan on the chairlift
fake lake

Well actually this one is no that hard to remember, it was barely a couple of months ago. Although when I look at the pictures it does seem longer than that. Funny how quickly the body and mind adapt to new circumstances. I bet you frequently asked yourself in the middle of winter "Was I really running around in shorts and jandals just a little while back?". It almost seems like a fabricated memory.

hikers on the climb
nikki relaxing
bojan dodging photo
nice view
nikki and bojan looking at the distance
dad drinking some water
nikki in the woods
some greenery

Mönischkirchen is a little township not too far from Vienna, and is actually a small ski resort. We went there in late summer though, which is just as fine as the lifts are open all year long. You just have to swap skiing for hiking. The going is easy but rewarding, perfect for a sunny Sunday.

If you have a dog, even better. Unfortunately we don't have one, so we used our friends terrier as a substitute. The cheeky little shit.

Anyway, good times.

nikki on some rocks
fallen tree
bojan milicevic on some rocks
nikki pretending to run
mum and dad
nikki at the top
some rock piles
nikki is knacked
nikki at the top