Skiing in Zillertal

Skiing is one of the most terrifying things I have done and thinking back my only two experiences with regarding this were NOT great.

My first was when I was 14 and on school camp. This ended up with me being out of control down the slope and hitting into an instructor.

My second time was when I was 23 and we went to experience Snow Planet (indoor ski/snowboard place in Auckland) to see if it was OK to take a bunch of 5 year olds on a ski/snow trip. I just stayed on the 10m slope, practicing my plow.

Zillertal panorama
Zillertal panorama
Seats on the top of the mountain
Nikki in gear
Ski lift
Mountain of snow

Back to the present: I am now 28 and I'm heading deep into the Austrian Alps to learn how to ski. We decided to go to the Zillertal Aps in Tirol, some 5 hours drive from Vienna.

B's friends booked this amazing hut for 10 people, which worked out really well despite my slightly pessimitic expectations regarding the logistics of such a big group. And we ended up meeting some really lovely people.

Day 1 of my ski experience was... interesting. Going up in the gondola I was panicking. My face had a look of shear terror (B was so kind to record a video...) and all I could say was "if you know how to ski this would be beautiful".

B took me to the baby slope, where my leg was shaking in terror for 3 hours as I practised my skiing. After a while I got the hand of it and went down a normal, blue slope.

Day 2 was much of the same except that I was slowly letting my skis go a bit.

This whole skiing thing was actually starting to be fun! Also, that night we went out to the Apres-Ski where Peter got up on the table, more or less voluntarily, and did a lovely exotic pole dance Haha!

Or maybe mor like an old school boogie. All of our eyes were on you Peter, way to go. And then all the Apres skis songs... it's great fun. Maybe a bit weird, but definitely fun!

Nikki on skis
Relaxing on the top of the mountain
Critalhut on the top
The gang sitting
Nikki on skis
Nice view
Zillertal panorama

Day 3 was great. I woke up at 12 and headed up the mountain. B went up earlier to get in some good skiing without me. This time I tried a harder and steeper slope. And here I panicked again.

It was really scary and I took me ages to get down. At the end I even had a very slow motion crash where a snowboarded hit me (again, B was very king to film this). But I managed to stay up on my skis and keep going.

All in all we had perfect weather and snow conditions and I loved it! Who knew? I actually keep asking B when we can go again.

The mountains are absolutely beautiful with the sunshine, the blue skies and the crunchy snow. Beats Viennas grey skies and mushy grey snow any day! I was so great to get out of the city and into the fresh air. Till next year Alps!