First Snow

Having the proper clothing for cold, windy conditions is very important when living in Wien. Although lately we have been experiencing around 8-14 degrees, so when leaving the house one is not thinking about the ‘proper’ attire to wear in the snow.

Let’s have a look at a winter checklist for leaving the house: thermals, socks, boots, jeans, jumper, jacket, gloves, hat and scarf. Hmm this sounds warm and the type of clothing you would need.

Nikkis winter clothing for december 26th: hat, scarf, autumn jacket, long sleeved top, jeans, socks and boots. Now is this smart, well it is if you’re thinking of going to a pub in the middle of the city and the weather is still warm … and we did exactly that.

snow on the donauinsel
leaves in snow
nikki covered in snow
millenium tower
bojan on donauinsel
nikki jumping in snow

After a couple hours in the pub we headed outside around 9:30pm where we were greeted with a massive surprise, SNOW! My breathe was taken away, literally! My outfit was not entirely suitable for this kind of weather.

Luckily I was not thinking about the cold, all I was thinking about was … Snow! Snow! Snow! Amazing! This was my first adult experience of snow and I could not believe it. Snow fights were a must now and by the time we got home we were covered in the wet, fresh and white powder.

swan in snow
bunnies in snow
stork in snow
snow on the donauinsel
snow on the donauinsel

Skip forward a few days and now the snow is covering the ground completely. It was time for a walk early in the morning so I could experience being the first one walking on the soft, freezing and crunchy layer.

The white of the Danube fascinated me and being covered in flakes was a new and cold sensation! During the walk we had to stop and make a snowman, of course. Later on we even saw some cute snow bunnies eating in a line (this was because some lovely old lady had placed food under the trees for them to eat).

The two hour walk was great but by the end I was craving a hot drink.

Ive decided I like snow, but we will see by the time the winter ends, … bring on skiing!

nikki in snow
bunny in snow
crow in snow
church in snow
bojan and nikki with snowman