Hopping across the Canary Islands

What a way to start a holiday. For the last few months life had felt very mundane and boring, the only thing that kept us going was the thought of a sunny vacation on another island.

We were living on borrowed energy as the work weeks all began to role into one. But minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day we got closer to heading off on an airplane to the Canary Islands.

Why the Canary Islands? Well first of all it is quite easy to get to from Europe. Of course that also makes it subject to possible overtourism, especially the islands of Gran Canaria and Tenerife. However we figured that if we avoid the main hubs there should be plenty of areas for some quality island time, and we were not disappointed.

Sketch of El Chorillo by Steve Selby

Sketch of El Chorillo by Steve Selby


Our first point of call was Fuerteventura staying in total six nights. Three nights at Corralejo Surfing Colors Hotel & Apartments (Corralejo), and three nights at Sol Beach House at Meliá Fuerteventura - Adults Only (Costa Calma). After not doing much research and thinking that Fuerteventura was just a barren island by judging from our flight in, we were pleasantly surprised.

Some local flora
Flowers at La Oliva
Some local flora

Corralejo was beautiful. Having a rental car on the island it was easy to get around and explore. Even better for me I got up the confidence again to drive manual on the opposite side of the road and was super confident with it. As always with us the first point of call was the beach.

Surrounding the beaches near Corralejo was a beautiful sand dune park going on forever. On the beaches all around there are prefect conditions for Kite- and wind surfing. A must if we ever return to the Canaries. Corralejo town also had some surprises for us including this delicious cocktail and tapas bar called Los Monos Sabios. OMG YUMMMM!

Another wow factor on the island were the Barbary Ground Squirrels (Chipmunks). We had no idea these animals were on the island and when visiting the Casa de los Coroneles at La Oliva they ran up to us and ate right from the hands (we found peanuts lying around everywhere, so people seem to know about this). There were so many around the building that they ended up being our most exciting part of that day trip.

Bojan at an old windmill
Volcanic mountain at La Oliva
Kite surfer
Silly on sand dunes
Nikki at one of the many sand beaches

On our way to Costa Calma we stopped off at the zoo. This was only because of the lemur experience. As soon as we entered and sat down a lemur jumped on B. We are not normally for animals in captivity or being used by tourists who are too naive about what really goes on. But we had learnt that these lemurs had been rescued from people who had taken them form the wild and they could no longer return. This was a neat experience and one we will not forget.

Costa Calma was definitely a highlight to our trip on Fuerteventura. We stayed in this amazing accommodation by the lagoon on the beach. We had our own garden looking out to the ocean. Here every day was relaxation with the food, infinity pool, running on the beach, the lagoon and watching the kite surfers. B’s only regret is that he didn’t book in advance a course in kiteboarding here, as it is so expensive. (We will just have to return.)

Old lighthouse
Nikki with a lemur
Nikki and kitty

La Gomera

La Gomera had some not so good planning and research by me. We stayed three nights at Apartamentos Los Telares (Hermigua). Flying into the island you land on a runway that looks like a mini road and then you soon realise that maybe this island does not have much on it with its hilly landscape. My advice to people is to only stay one or two nights, unless you are an avid hiker or bird watcher.

We spent three long, long days here mainly driving and seeing every tiny piece of the island. The biggest attraction here is the Garajonay Nacional Park (UNESCO). Here you can do some wonderful walks through the calm and misty forest. This island was for hiking and I had packed my jacket and some gym shorts, B had his chuck taylors and one jumper. NOT very prepared for hiking. This is probably why we probably did not enjoy this experience to the fullest, although the accommodation and the walks were great, but the rest of the time we were forced to just chill.

Banana plantations
Forests on La Gomera
Forests on La Gomera
Forests on La Gomera
Nikki hiking
Lookout in La Gomara

By the time we were on night three we were ready to head to Tenerife for seven nights at Iberostar Selection Sábila - Adults Only (Adeje). Here we meet up with our good friends G and Charlie for some fun and sun. We did decide those to skip our flight and instead take the ferry from La Gomera to Tenerife. This was by far the best decision as on the ride we got to see pods of dolphins and whales all around!


Here was by far my favourite experience and not because of the island, it was that I had my two Kiwi friends around to chill, hang and to also listen to their accent. As weird as that may sound. But when you have been away from home for so long you do crave what is Kiwi. Experiencing this island with friends was so worth while. We got to go dolphin watching, go up the volcano - Mount Teide, have massages, make soaps, learn how to make facials, eat, drink, go to a foam party, enjoy aqua aerobics (which almost made me pee my pants in the pool from laughter). It was just a relaxing experience. B although had other things on his mind aka bouldering. This time he managed to get in three sessions and on the last one he successful managed to cut his hand.

All in all the Canary Islands were a wonderful experience. I can see why people return, some even for a third or forth time. For me I hope one day to return, maybe even for a five year reunion with G and Charlie and maybe even some kids in tow, aye G???

Bojan bouldering on Tenerife
Rocky coast
Teide cable car
Teide cable car
Nikki on Teide