Umbrellas in Agueda

"Bright, Vibrant, Rich Parasols, Umbrellas and Brollys!"

The small town of Agueda is located in Portugal 45 miles from Porto. Every year in July they hold an Ágitagueda Art Festival and in 2012 the Umbrella Sky Project began.

This is where many small streets are filled with canopies of vibrant umbrellas. During this time there is also a music festival which takes place down by the water under an area that is covered with parasols.

Before our holiday to Portugal we (when I say ‘we’ I’m actually referring to ‘I’ – B would never make this mistake) had done our research on the internet and thought that the festival started at the end of June.

Unfortunately for us ‘we’ were wrong, the festival started in July, and this made for an empty town with only a few streets filled with umbrellas.

Umbrella festival in Agueda
Lantern and umbrellas
Galeria do outeiro
Poster and umbrellas
Nikki under lantern in agueda

I cannot write much about this town as we only stayed one night and had not much to see because of my own bad planning.

I am sure if you arrived in July to the music festival and umbrellas everywhere this town would be mind-blowing.

We had arrived late afternoon to rain, so in my brain this was the perfect opportunity to wander some streets under umbrellas.

Heading off to the main square we were greeted with a street displaying about 10 umbrellas! Umm … Ok, this was a shock. We headed off further down the city towards the water and this is where we found the streets filled with umbrellas.

This was lucky and there were still some men putting up the umbrellas in the streets for the festival. This was still all fascinating and we still managed to see some of the rainbow brolly filled streets.

To me know this is only an excuse to revisit Portugal and the small town of Agueda! Who knows summer 2016 is only 8 months away!

Umbrellas above balcony
Old man under umbrellas in Agueda
Old man under umbrellas in Agueda
Umbrellas in the sky