Exploring Cinque Terre

Monday 17th April, 2017, 180 euro paid and we were on our way through the Italian Country side heading to Cinque Terre from Florence.

We were told about the unique fishing villages of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and our guide explained that we would be travelling through the five towns of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, in the Italian Riviera.

We began our hike through Manarola where we were heading up into the steep rugged hills overlooking the small town and cliffs below.

Nikki in Riomaggiore
Nikki on the trail
Nikki, Peter and Sandra looking cool
View from a cafe on the trail
Some street shops
Overlook in Corniglia

Here we got our first taste of Cinque Terreā€™s natural beauty and the carefully built terraces of cultivated grapes and olives. We were also able to take in the stunning views of the colourful houses, coastline and harbours.

From Manarola we headed to Corniglia following the path which was close to the cliffs edge, eventually ending up at some steep steps, leading to the top of a hill, where the town was situated. Here we relaxed and explored having a drink at one of the many small cafes before heading onto our next town.

Our Journey continued on with a hike to Vernazza. Along the way we passed terraces of olive groves, bars and colourful cafes.

It was hard not to stop, drink and sit to take in the views. If we had done this at every place we would have been well smashed by the end of the day. At Vernazza you had time to take a dip in the ocean, lots of Italians were already out and working on their summer tans.

From Vernazza we went on a train to Monterosso. This is where we had the freest time to explore and site see in the village. Here we managed to purchase a few artisan products famous to the village.

The beaches were amazing and the people relaxed and friendly. It was here where we got on a boat and followed the coast all the way back to Riomaggiore. Along the way you got to see all the villages you had hiked through from a distance. This was a spectacular sight to see.

Bojan and Peter looking lost
Walking through Riomaggiore
Peter at sunset
Nikki and Bojan and some icecream
Nikki at sunset
Nice view of Riomaggiore

In Riomaggiore we got to enjoy the colourful houses that it is famous for. We also enjoyed our final spectacular views of the Italian coast.

Our last adventure of the day was a packed train ride back to meet our coach. This was a one of a kind experience where you went through tunnels with all the lights in the train turned out and people so close to you, you were unsure who you were touching. I was glad when that train ride was over.

After a long day all we wanted to do was to head back to Florence, enjoy a delicious meal and wine and then head to bed. Cinque Terre is definitely worth a visit and is one spectacular site to see.