Take a squizz at our Kiwi adventure

Our sweet as Kiwi adventure started out with us being extremely knackered and heading out into the wop-wops for cuppa tea.

We had just done one of the very first long haul flights from Dubai to New Zealand spending over 17 hours on a small full plane, but this was all worth it the moment we stepped out of the airport and smelt the refreshing clean air. This was my home, My New Zealand!

The first few days took a while to adjust to the Kiwi mentality and nature.

We had become so used to the Viennese culture that we had forgotten the New Zealand attitude of ‘No worries’ (nothing is a problem) and ‘She’ll be Right’ (everything is ok).

But as soon as we got into the mentality we were immediately relaxed, putting on our jandals and heading out to the beach.

Colorful kite at bethells beach
Girls sitting at bethells beach
Walking in te henga
Lifeguard tower at bethells beach

Being a Westie our first destination of choice had to be a trip out to Piha and Bethels beach. Piha was just as we had left it in our imaginations, black sand, the hot scorching sun and crashing waves on the shore.

Today was one of those days that a Kiwi should remember to place sunblock on, but being away from New Zealand for yonks (a long time - 2 years) caused a momentary lapse in judgement. I ended up bright red like a lobster, Tu Meke (Awesome, Good Job!) Nikki!

Bethels was hard case, we managed to venture out to the Bethels lakes. Here you climb over sand dunes that stretched for what looks like a mile till you reach a lake in the middle of nowhere.

I had never been here before, even though I had lived most of my life in Auckland and this was one of my highlight experiences of our trip.

Happy dog at beach
Nikki at the beach
Old piece of wood
Bethells beach

Time in New Zealand passed by so quickly. Most nights we spent eating BBQs on my parent’s deck and drinking ciders, beers and wine.

These nights we decided on many crazy adventures and things we would do while in Auckland.

One of them was sky diving with Dad deciding he would be the sponsor, but this will be in another post.

The other time was spent shopping (I missed New Zealand shops – I spent way too much money which B did not like), tiki touring around Auckland city and beaches, chilling with friends and eating some good Kai (food) at our favourite cafes/restaurants.

Nikki walking through the bush
Nikki in the air
Bush at night
Top of the sand dune at te henga
Bojan Milicevic in the bush
Nikki walking the sand dunes

It amazed me how much had changed since I had left New Zealand but also how much had still stayed the same.

I miss my family and friends, New Zealand will always be my home but I did enjoy coming back to our Viennese apartment and two cats.

Vienna is my home now but New Zealand I will be back, sooner rather than later, maybe even for Chrissy (Christmas)!