Family time on Maui

1,2,3 will you all scream with me; it is Maui I can see!

Maui is one of those places you travel to that you will never forget. The island has everything you could desire from a tropical get away, lush green scenery, crystal clear blue oceans, tropical fish, sunshine for hours, shops, friendly relaxed people and heat!

Flying into Maui from Honolulu you can tell that this place will be the perfect start to a family vacation. B or I did not plan this vacation so we had little or no expectation of what Hawaii let alone Maui would be like.

My parents had planned a one-week trip to Maui and then a one-week trip to Oahu. A vacation with my family always includes some arguing, bossiness, joy, craziness, adventure, BBQs, unneeded shopping, spending, swimming, snorkeling, alcohol and of course food.

Nikki and Bojan
Chris and Nick at BBQ
View from hotel
Hawaiian flag
The Watsons in front of BBQ
Nikki in front of Banyan tree

Mom soccer van?

Our crazy adventures started on day 1 and carried on for the rest of our time in Hawaii. B was designated driver and had to drive the family van around town (or as Nick called it approprietly: "The mom soccer van")– this was a very interesting experience cramming all the luggage of 6 people into one van, lucky Janine was on hand to give tips and advice on how to store items properly.

Our Maui accommodation was at the Maui Eldorado Kaanapali by Outrigger, these rooms were larger than life and we had three between the six of us. The rooms were great for visiting each other for our family BBQs and afternoon drinks.

Maui offered a lot of activities for you to do as a family, a couple or by yourself. Our main activities we choose was a snorkeling tour all together out to Molokini Crater and then in to swim with the green sea turtles, Mum and Dad choose a helicopter flight over Maui, a show in town and a dinner to celebrate Dads birthday at Fleetwood.

When Mum and Dad did their helicopter flight Janine, Nick, B and Myself flew to the Big Island and did a helicopter flight over lava/magma, drove a Ford Mustang, ran on old lava and flew back to Maui, BUT … more to come on that in another post.

Nikki and Janine
some food
some food
Nick and Janine looking flash
Watsons at dinner at Fleetwood
Nikki with cocktail
Pam and Chris in the mirror

The ocean was relaxing and we ending up spending most of the time in Maui at the beach. Coming from living in a country at the moment that is land locked to going back to the ocean is a highlight.

No surfing was done in Maui unfortunately as the waves were too small. A few times we took the car and went exploring, one time we went to see the blowhole and watch the sunset. This was an amazing sunset and definitely worth the car journey round the crazy Maui roads.

It was great to spend a week with the family and enjoy each other’s company. Maui was definitely a highlight on our trip and my writing does not do it justice. I would love to return in their winter season to see the difference although I hear it is just as warm but with more wind. Now to save more money for a return trip, as don’t be fooled Hawaii is not a cheap place to visit. MUM, DAD another TRIP? Winter 2018?

Nikki loosing it
Bojan and Nikki
Hawaiian sign
Friendly green gecko
Hipster lights at fleetwood
Nikki in blue
Pam sipping a cocktail at feeltwood