About us

So you made it to the "about us" section eh? Welcome!

If by any chance your are an advertiser looking for product placement, then I'm sorry to say we have to dissapoint you. Go chase the sun is a passion project and striclty non-profit. For us maintaining and posting on this site is more of "therapeutic" endeavour.

You still here? Well then you are probably not an advertiser and my only guess is that you are generally curious about who is running this site. In which case, W E L C O M E!

We are Nikki and Bojan, a couple with normal jobs and a big urge for travel. The blog is what keeps us sane during the stationary down times and an opportunity to engage the right side of the brain through photography, writing and design.

If you are like minded and would like to connect or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on any channel (except on Instagram, it's a dark and evil place and you know it!). If you are a fellow blogger, point us towards your travel or photography musings and we will make sure to check it out!

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