Family time on Maui

The island has everything you could desire from a tropical get away, lush green scenery, crystal clear blue oceans, tropical fish, and sunshine for hours!

Island time on the Seychelles

Book a holiday – Yes! Island Paradise – Yes! Expensive – well, possibly... Worth it – Yes! Was there anything that would make us say no to this island adventure?

Back to the island of Korcula

We decided to spend a day in this old medieval town at the Dalmation coast. For some of us a first, for others not quite.

A bit under par on Zanzibar

The scenery on the African dream island is just as fantastic as you would imagine. Other things not so much.

Go, go, to Rangitoto!

"B let's go to Rangitoto!" I said as we sat in the Belgim Beer cafe in Mission Bay. As he skulled back the beer he gave a little smile and said "Let's go, go, to Rangitoto!"